Woke but racist San Francisco school board VP finally gets canceled

Alison Collins, who is African-American, had made disparaging comments about Asians, including using the N-word.


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Alison Collins
Alison Collins

A woke San Francisco school board official has just learned that you can only outrun cancel culture for so long. Even if you are one of its original standard bearers.

Alison Collins, who is Black, sparked outrage after racist tweets she wrote against Asian Americans surfaced in the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Atlanta.

She has now been forced out of her position after she refused point blank to resign.

Collins was stripped of her role as vice president of the San Francisco Board of Education on Thursday in a 5-2 vote of no confidence, the board announced in a statement.

Collins was also removed from all committees of the board for the duration of her term, effectively immediately.

The “assertion of no-confidence” resolution cited Collins’ “inflammatory statements” she made on Twitter toward Asian Americans in 2016 that perpetuated “gross and harmful” stereotypes and left no room for misunderstanding.

“Our relationship with elected officials must be predicated on mutual respect, and when our elected officials falter, we are faced with the difficult decision of how to hold them accountable,” the resolution read.

The vote came less than a week after the school district’s entire senior staff denounced Collins for tweeting in 2016 that Asian American teachers, students and parents had used “white supremacist thinking to assimilate and ‘get ahead.’”

In other tweets, Collins compared Asian Americans to “house n—–s” and invoked stereotypes like “tiger moms,”

The posts were made two years before Collins was elected. She had apologized for the pain they caused, but declined to admit they were racist while claiming her words were misconstrued.

“But whether my tweets are being taken out of context or not, only one thing matters right now,” Collins said in a statement provided last weekend to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“And that is the pain our Asian-American brothers and sisters are experiencing. Words have meaning and impact.”

Collins could not be reached by Crazy America for comment on Friday.

However, on Thursday she called the furor a distraction in comments given to the Chronicle.

“This resolution distracts from priority matters,” she told the newspaper, in reference to reopening schools and replacing the district’s outgoing superintendent.

“This resolution does nothing to enhance our team. I reject the attempts to mischaracterize me as a person and a member of this board.”

Local and state officials, including San Francisco Mayor London Breed, as well as more than 5,000 others had signed a petition calling on Collins to step down.

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