SEE IT: Road rage suspect hurls axe at driver’s windshield

Washington state nutjob caught on dashcam exiting his Jeep on busy interstate before throwing heavy chopper at victim’s vehicle.


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dashcam footage showing axe about to hit victim's windshield with shirtless man who threw it standing behind
A Washington state man was caught on dashcam throwing an axe at another driver’s windshield
(King County Sheriff’s Office)

There’s road rage, and then there’s road RAGE.

Shocking dashcam footage has emerged of a driver hurling an axe at another vehicle’s windshield in Washington state.

The terrifying incident unfolded on July 27 after a man driving a Jeep started honking at another vehicle as they both tried to merge onto a ramp to join Interstate 5, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

“As they traveled northbound, the Jeep’s driver continued to honk so our victim took the Ballinger Way exit to avoid a freeway confrontation,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

In the clip, the road rage suspect overtakes the victim and blocks the roadway, forcing the victim to stop. The shirtless suspect then gets out and throws an axe at the victim’s windshield before jumping back into the Jeep and driving off.

Authorities, who released the dashcam footage this week, managed to identify the Jeep driver from additional surveillance video.

The suspect, who has not been named, was reportedly arrested on unrelated charges after fleeing deputies three days after the caught-on-camera meltdown.

“It’s easy to find — and charge — a suspect when they are already [in] jail,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

Charges are still pending in that case, but authorities pledged that, “once filed, our hammer-thrower should be off our roads for some time.”

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