California corrections officer jailed for sex with inmate in front of 11 other prisoners

Tina Gonzalez allegedly cut a hole in her uniform pants for easier intercourse in full view of other jailbirds.


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Tina Gonzalez
Ex-corrections officer Tina Gonzalez is in hot water over her steamy sessions with an inmate
(Fresno County Sheriff's Office)

The ability to get on with a range of people is highly desirable in a corrections officer.

Although sometimes the getting on can go a little too well.

Certainly, no one can argue that a female corrections officer jailed last week in California didn’t forge close bonds with folks on the wrong side of the bars.

Tina Gonzalez, 26, has landed in the slammer herself for reportedly having sex with a male inmate – in full view of 11 other prisoners.

The former Fresno County Jail employee even allegedly cut a hole in her uniform pants to make getting it on a whole lot easier, according to The Fresno Bee.

Speaking at her sentencing hearing last Tuesday, her former boss, Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas, said he had seen and heard of many “pretty disgusting things” in his 26 years on the job — but Gonzalez’s sex session in front of a bevy of other jailbirds tops the list.

“That is something only a depraved mind can come up with,” McComas told the court.

Gonzalez was arrested in May last year after an investigation revealed she had given the same inmate razors and a cell phone, as well as advance warnings when his cell was about to be searched.

“She took an oath which she betrayed and in doing so endangered her coworkers’ lives,” McComas said.

“But she has shown no remorse. She continually calls and has sexually explicit conversations with the inmate in question and boasts about the crimes she carried out,” he told the court, according to the local newspaper.

Gonzalez pleaded no contest in April to sexual activity by a detention facility employee with a consenting inmate, as well as possessing drugs or alcohol, and a cell phone to give to an inmate, the Bee reported.

Her former boss pushed for her to get the maximum sentence of three years and eight months in prison.

But Judge Michael Idiart took into account her early plea and lack of criminal history as he sentenced her Tuesday to seven months in the county jail and two years of probation.

“I think what you did was terrible, stupid and you have ruined your career,” Idiart told Gonzalez.

“But I also believe that people can redeem themselves and you have the rest of your life to do that. Good luck,” the judge added.

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Debra Stringham
Debra Stringham
14 days ago

She’s crazy!

7 hours ago

Sex Addict!

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