Shocking: Electrician beats three coworkers to death

Police in Florida are still trying to understand what provoked Shaun Runyon’s brutal attack.


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Electrician beats men to death
Shaun Runyon
(Polk County Sherriff's Office)

Turns out he had a short fuse.

An angry electrician allegedly beat three coworkers to death after a job site dispute spiraled out of control.

Shaun Runyon, 39, was working on a gig in Florida on Friday when he flew into a rage and is said to have hit his boss, according to local reports.

Runyon is then reported to have fled, police said. He was in the sunshine state working for a Pennsylvania-based company to help build a new grocery store in Davenport, Fla., and was sharing a home with colleagues at the time.

After he punched his boss and ran, Runyon turned up at the house where he was staying — and began killing, the Polk County Sheriff said.

The disgruntled tradesmen allegedly used a baseball bat and a knife, beating one person to death as they slept, Sheriff Grady Judd said Saturday.

“He stabbed and beat people inside the residence,” said Judd, noting there were seven people inside at the time.

Another victim was found dead on the porch, according to Judd. A third critically wounded person died later Saturday, police said.

Runyon fled but was eventually caught when he showed up in bloody clothes about two hours after the killings, telling the people in a Lake Wells home he’d been raped, Judd said. The people urged Runyon to go to the hospital, where police arrested him.

Runyon, who knew every person in the home where the beatings began, allegedly confessed, police said.

“We have no idea what outraged him so bad that more than 24 hours later that he would come back and make an attempt to kill every one of them,” Judd said.

The investigation into Runyon’s motives continues.

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