SEE IT: Woman dishes out savage beating in Georgia pizza shop

Viral video shows suspect Brittany Kennedy brutally assaulting another woman at a Little Caesars in Augusta.


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stills of the savage beating in a Little Caesars pizza shop in Augusta, Georgia
A female suspect served up a brutal caught-on-camera beating in a Little Caesars pizza joint in Augusta, Georgia

A woman was caught on camera dishing out a savage beating to a female victim in a Georgia pizza shop – and now she’s wanted by the cops.

The violence kicked off at around 4 p.m. on Monday at a Little Caesars in Augusta when Brittany Kennedy, 25, allegedly confronted Emily Broadwater, 22, and pulled the chair out from underneath her, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said.

A viral video of the incident filmed by a bystander and posted on Twitter shows Broadwater on the ground screaming as Kennedy grips her by the hair and repeatedly pummels her.

At one point in the clip, a toddler wearing a pink bow in her hair tries to intervene as an onlooker shouts, “Move the baby! Move the baby!”

Someone steps in to drag the young girl away from the fracas, but no one in the pizza shop attempts to break up the fight.

Broadwater is barely able to defend herself as Kennedy hits her around 20 times, leaving the victim with a bloodied face.

The film then shows Kennedy dragging Broadwater by her hair out of the pizza joint and onto the sidewalk — where she tosses the victim to the ground and stamps on her head several times.

“My baby!” Broadwater cries after Kennedy finally relents and the victim manages to pick herself up, her face covered in blood.

The video does not show why the fight began.

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office issued a wanted poster for Kennedy on assault charges.

wanted poster for Brittany Kennedy showing her picture, front on and in profile

According to a police report uploaded by Augusta Crime, Broadwater’s injuries included “a swollen and black left eye,” a “severely swollen” bottom lip with a “large laceration on the inside,” a “large knot on her forehead” and “multiple cuts on her head, face, and neck.”

text of police report of the Augusta pizza shop assault

Broadwater refused to be taken to hospital in an ambulance straightaway, telling responding cops that she would have a friend take her there later, the report stated.

Witnesses have since given their views on the incident to local media.

“A girl with a baby,” bystander Dean Willard told TV station WJBF. “That ain’t right.”

“They should have handled it a different way rather than doing it in public,” another witness, Charles Johnson, told the channel.

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