Man without a mask fights his way into a Walmart

Florida shopper barges inside store despite protests of workers and fellow shoppers, eventually leaves.


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Sometimes it’s better just to go with the flow. That’s particularly true when it comes to masks and shopping across most of America right now.

However, there will always be a stubborn minority who simply decline to conform to this new reality.

A defiant shopper fought his way into a Florida Walmart after he was denied entry for refusing to wear a face mask, a viral video shows.

The footage, which has been viewed over 4 million times, shows the gray-haired man scuffling with an employee at the Orlando superstore Saturday — the same day face masks became mandatory in the county, WDBO-FM reported.

With his arms out, the worker tries to block the man from entering.

“You gotta wear a mask, bro!” the man behind the camera says.

The older man then shoves the Walmart worker, even falling to the ground at one point.

Clearly determined, the man gets up and scrambles his way inside as the worker continues to try to block him.

“You want a mask, man?” one person can be heard saying. “I got some!”

The shopper ignores the offer and makes his way halfway up an aisle.

“Let the man do his job, bro!” the man recording yells. “Get a mask!”

Ultimately, the man angrily agrees to leave, the clip shows — but not before the worker tells him that he was “spitting all over the f—ing place.”

Maybe the stubborn shopper will learn a lesson from the fracas? Here at Crazy America we certainly wouldn’t bank on it!

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