Man bites off chunks of couple’s ears in savage random attack

Chicago psycho charged with attempted murder for assault which allegedly began when he tried to sell something to a man working in a yard.


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mug shot of Elijah Rule Hill Prince
Elijah Rule Hill Prince is accused of carrying out a savage attack on the Johnsons
(Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

A Chicago man has been arrested for allegedly carrying out a savage attack on a married couple during which he bit off chunks of their ears.

Elijah Rule Hill Prince, 28, is accused of carrying out the violent assault on Saturday in the city’s Fernwood neighborhood.

During a court hearing this week, a Cook County judge likened hearing the allegations to “listening to a horror movie.”

Prince is alleged to have walked up to a man working in a yard in the 10500 block of South Emerald Avenue and tried to sell him something, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

When the man refused the offer, Prince allegedly put him in a chokehold and hit him in the head with his own shovel.

According to prosecutors, Prince then punched the victim in the face, gouged his eyes with his fingers, bit his ears and the top of his head and spat in his mouth.

During the attack, Prince also allegedly rammed a three-inch-long wooden block into the man’s left eye, damaging his vision.

Hearing the commotion, the wife of the male victim ran outside, where prosecutors say she was also subjected to a vicious attack.

The 28-year-old suspect allegedly pulled the woman’s hair, gouged her eyes, bit off “large chunks” of her ears and spat on her.

After the woman fell to the ground, Prince allegedly kicked her in the head several times.

The male victim called 911 after managing to remove the wooden object from his eye.

By then, Prince had fled the scene, but cops arrested him nearby shortly afterwards.

The suspect was covered in blood, which he told officers was not his own but “the blood of peasants,” prosecutors said. 

Prince was charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery, and ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination.

The husband and wife were taken to hospital in serious condition.

Pieces of the couple’s ears were recovered at the scene of the attack but could not be reattached, prosecutors said.

The victims’ names have not been officially released, but the couple’s adult daughter identified them as Timothy and Renee Johnson.

On a GoFundMe page set up for her parents, Destinee Johnson wrote that the couple had suffered “life changing injuries that will impact them and our familiy [sic] forever.”

The victims’ daughter identified the couple as Renee Johnson, 56, and Timothy Johnson, 58

She said that her parents had been doing yard work for her 95-year-old grandmother at the time of the attack.

Prince’s bail was set at $5 million. He is scheduled to appear in court on May 10.

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