Line-cutting customer sparks wild brawl at Bath & Body Works

Two women charged as viral clip shows shoppers and staff fighting and wrestling at Arizona beauty products store.


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still of viral clip showing staff and customers wrestling on the floor of a Bath & Body Works store in Scottsdale, Arizona
A dispute between customers descended into a full-blown caught-on-camera fight at a Bath & Body Works store in Scottsdale, Arizona

Despite being surrounded by fragrant bathing products, two women at an Arizona Bath & Body Works resolutely failed to come out smelling like roses this weekend.

The unidentified women were charged after a dispute between customers at a Scottsdale branch of the bath and beauty products store descended into a crazy caught-on-camera brawl with employees.

Tempers frayed when a woman was accused of cutting in line, with matters escalating to a full-blown fight that caused staff to get involved, police told the Arizona Republic.

The exchange boiled over after one woman got too close to another woman “who had a child with her,” witness Genevieve Denslow told the newspaper.

“I was shopping and heard all the arguing so I went to that part of the store. The lady in black threw a bag at the African American lady and then that’s when all the pushing and hitting started.”

“Race wasn’t the initial problem but racial slurs were called during the fight,” added Denslow, who filmed part of the incident.

Footage of the fracas posted by Denslow to Twitter shows a woman and an employee shoving each other before another worker intervenes and wrestles the customer to the ground.

“Oh my god!” a voice is heard saying as the trio hit the floor.

Two other workers join in, along with a second woman who appears to come to the aid of the customer.

“Let go of her!” a woman screams in the clip.

The second woman then starts tussling with one of the workers before a male employee jumps in to separate them.

“Out now,” the man tells the two women.

“She attacked me,” the first woman responds.

“You attacked her,” the man replies.

At one point some four employees and two customers are seen wrestling and fighting, with store security personnel nowhere in sight.

Two unnamed female suspects have been criminally charged over the altercation, Scottsdale Police said.

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