Florida driver tased for twerking during traffic stop

Suspect Richard Wolfe wrongly thought it was a good time to show officers his moves after being pulled over for traffic violations.


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traffic stop with twerking man
Richard Wolfe (circled) thought some backside twirls were the perfect way to get him out of a spot of bother during a rainy traffic stop
(drew bene/YouTube)

When dealing with the cops it’s usually better to comply rather than entertain.

Yet this week a Florida driver thought his slick dance moves were just the ticket to land some favorable treatment from the boys in blue.

Richard Wolfe, 57, was filmed by a passing motorist thrusting his hips at police officers after being pulled over on Tuesday in Inverness, 70 miles northwest of Orlando.

The Crystal River resident is seen in the hilarious clip rubbing himself against his SUV and getting down to twerk before dancing into the road.

Sadly for the suspect, the impromptu performance received the wrong end of a taser and some handcuffs instead of the desired applause.

Wolfe was initially stopped by police in his Honda SUV for using the grass median and turn lanes to overtake traffic, the Citrus County Chronicle reported.

At one point during his dance-off with Citrus County deputies, Wolfe allegedly took out a knife that was tucked in his waistband and threw it in the grass.

“What are you scared of? I got knives, you got a gun!” the gyrating suspect shouted at officers, according to his arrest report.

Wolfe was booked into the Citrus County Jail on charges of resisting an officer without violence, fleeing from law enforcement after being ordered to stop, and reckless driving.

It remains to be seen whether this marks the end or just the beginning of Wolfe’s cavorting career.

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