Drunk teen breaks into cop-filled Airbnb

Out-of-town deputies see the funny side after finding sozzled Milwaukee youngster passed out in their rental.


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the three out-of-town deputies smiling (left) and the handcuffed teen with local cops
Three out-of-town sheriff’s deputies (left) saw the funny side after a drunk teen (right) broke into their Airbnb rental in Milwaukee

A drunk teenager broke into an Airbnb in Milwaukee for a lie down – only to learn upon waking that the rental was occupied by three visiting sheriff’s deputies.

The Montana officers, who were in town for emergency vehicle training, had been sleeping, but got up to find the back door of the property ajar.

After heading upstairs to investigate, the deputies were greeted with the sight of the none too fresh 19-year-old passed out in one of the beds, they explained Friday in a TikTok video.

“This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loaded with cops,” one of the lawmen said in the viral video.

“He woke up in handcuffs.”

The officers dialled 911 to report their uninvited guest, who later told Milwaukee police that he had no clue where he was or how he’d ended up there.

“No, this is a first for that, I’ve woken up in random places,” the hungover youngster explains in the video.

He was removed from the property, but not cited or charged, as police said he had merely stumbled into the wrong home while drunk, WKYT reported.

Charles Pesola, one of the visiting deputies, said the teen was in fact fortunate to have found his way into a residence riddled with cops.

“What if that dude stumbled into a bed with a kid or my wife? I mean, it could have been a different morning, right?” he told the outlet. “So, wrong place, wrong time [but] lucky place, lucky time, that there’s dudes that actually know how to handle that.”

Pesola said he turned the episode into a TikTok video to show a lighter side to policing and that officers are just people like everybody else.

“Cops have a hard time right now,” he said. 

“And when they can see we’re still having fun and still real people and we’re good, it’s a good thing.”

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