Driver cuts off his own penis, tosses it out of car window during police chase

Tennessee suspect Tyson Gilbert believed his act of self-mutilation would “save the world.”


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mug shot of Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert was seen driving naked while covered in blood

A Tennessee driver cut off his own penis and threw it out of his car window during a bizarre and bloody police chase.

Tyson Gilbert, 39, claimed voices on his car radio told him that the act of self-mutilation would “save the world,” police said.

The Cookeville resident, who has a criminal record, was seen driving naked and covered in blood as he led cops on a wild car chase across two counties on the morning of August 25.

He was finally stopped by officers with the Alexandria Police Department, who managed to box in his car just before he reached the Interstate.

Gilbert was arrested and taken to hospital, though it is not known whether his appendage was retrieved and reattached.

He was first approached by highway patrolman Bobby Johnson, who spotted the suspect’s Honda Accord parked partially in the way of traffic on Highway 70 near Dowelltown.

“When I pulled up behind him and turned my lights on he took off and refused to stop,” Johnson told local radio station WLJE.

During the ensuing chase, Gilbert somehow managed to sever and discard his own penis.

At one point he turned onto a side road and briefly opened his car door to give pursuing officers a glimpse of his painful handiwork.

“He turned off on Old Liberty Road and came to a stop. He opened his door. He was naked and covered in blood. He then shut his door and kept driving,” Johnson said.

Police laid down spikes further along the road in a effort to stop their now memberless man.

“The first spike strips got one of his front tires and the second got the other tire. After that it became a slow speed pursuit with him running on his rims until we boxed him in,” Trooper Johnson said.

Gilbert’s rap sheet includes charges in 2020 for attempted car theft and resisting arrest.

He was arrested and jailed on $61,000 bond after trying to steal four cars from a car rental company in Cookeville.

It is not clear when he was released.

The investigation into his latest and goriest brush with the law is still ongoing, police said.

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