Crossdressing man steals school bus, plows front-end loader through wife’s home

Washington state resident Andrew Loudon went on a wild spree ending in his arrest at the wrecked residence of his estranged spouse.


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front-end loader by partly destroyed building
Andrew Loudon was arrested after allegedly driving a front-end loader through his wife’s home
(Chelan County Sheriff’s Office)

A Washington state man in a bright yellow dress went on a spree even wilder than his attire over the weekend, stealing a school bus and then driving a front-end loader through the house of his estranged wife.

Andrew Loudon had only just been discharged from a psychiatric facility Saturday morning, when he apparently set out to show his release might not have been the smartest idea.

The 39-year-old began by allegedly stealing a school bus at 7:40 p.m. that evening and refusing to pull over, Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett said in a news release.

school bus being driven along the street by suspect Andrew Loudon
Suspect Andrew Loudon driving the school bus he allegedly stole
(Chelan County Sheriff’s Office)

When Loudon allegedly ran a red light, sheriff’s deputies had to give up their pursuit due to new state police reform laws which only allow authorities to chase a vehicle when there is probable cause of a violent offense or other crimes.

close up of Andrew Loudon in the driver's seat of the school bus wearing a yellow dress
Andrew Loudon pictured wearing a yellow dress while driving the allegedly stolen school bus
(Chelan County Sheriff’s Office)

Douglas County deputies picked up the pursuit and followed Loudon for around 10 minutes, but were also forced to stop thanks to the new rules, Burnett said.

After Loudon got away, he abandoned the school bus near Moses Lake and apparently thumbed a ride to Spokane and then on to Chewelah, where his wife lives.

 “The suspect’s wife had fled the home when she learned her estranged husband may be nearby,” the sheriff said.

Loudon then stole a front-end loader and drove it into his wife’s now empty house, completely wrecking the property and flipping a car over in the driveway, photos of the incident show.

destruction at the home of Loudon's estranged wife including a flipped over car
The havoc wreaked at the home of Loudon’s estranged wife
(Chelan County Sheriff’s Office)

He was finally arrested there by Chewelah police.

Andrew Loudon wearing a yeloow pattern dress being handcuffed by a police officer
Andrew Loudon being taken into custody
(Chelan County Sheriff’s Office)

Explaining the rules which prevented Loudon’s earlier capture, the sheriff’s office said that only a driver deemed to pose “an imminent threat” may be pursued and a supervisor must give authorization.

Loudon was being held on charges including theft of a motor vehicle and malicious mischief, police said.

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