Cops hunt the Bronx bleach thrower

Disgruntled laundromat customer hurls bottle of bleach at woman after getting the wrong change.


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Bronx bleach thrower
The Bronx bleach thrower captured on surveillance video

Two year-olds frequently express themselves through tantrums because they lack both the reason to process setbacks, and the verbal capacity to communicate in any other way.

In theory, adults should have a greater capacity for taking adversity in their stride.

However, one man from the Bronx is now being sought by police after he reacted in a toddler type fashion to a seemingly minor issue inside a laundromat.

The unnamed suspect was washing his clothes at the Huang Lee Laundromat in the North Bronx’s 52nd precinct when he attempted to get some quarters for his next wash, according to the New York Police Department.

However, the miserly machine spat out the wrong number of coins, enraging the man.

In a fit of pique, he is alleged to have picked up a bottle of bleach and flung it towards an unsuspecting woman working at the laundromat. It is not clear whether the 36-year old woman was an intended or accidental target of the angry man’s frustrations.

At any rate, the victim sustained minor injuries and refused medical attention at the scene, police said.

According to the Bronx Times, which first reported the bizarre incident, the suspect is described as an adult male with black hair and a dark complexion. He is said to be around 5 feet 11 inches tall, and to weigh in at a solid 220 pounds.

The Bronx bleach thrower was last seen wearing glasses and running away northbound on Dectaur Avenue, the NYPD said.

The incident took place around 7.30pm last Saturday.

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