Bear trashes pizza delivery car, leaves empty-pawed

Ursine plunderer lured in Alaskan capital by enticing aroma thoroughly inspects pizza delivery vehicle but gets no pie.


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photos showing extensive damage to interior of pizza delivery car
The hungry bear caused extensive damage to the interior of the pizza delivery car in its search for a tasty treat.
(Juneau Pizza/Facebook)

It’s not just humans who find the smell of warm pizza dough and melting cheese irresistible.

A bear in Alaska was apparently driven so wild by the aroma coming from a pizza delivery car that he was determined to get a slice of the action.

Andrew Fairchild, who works for Juneau Pizza in the state’s capital, was woken early Friday by the sound of the hungry bear wrecking his car – which clearly still smelled of delicious toppings even though there were no pies inside.

Fairchild said the noise of the ursine intruder rummaging through his car was enough to rouse him from his slumber – especially when the bear started inadvertently honking the horn.

The delivery driver’s neighbors also gathered around, curious to see what was causing such a racket.

Fairchild realized straightaway what had driven the inquisitive animal to ransack this particular vehicle.

“I think it was the delicious smell of the pizza that drove the bear to the point where he could not resist the urge to go into the car,” Fairchild told The Juneau Empire.

The bear eventually found its way back out of the vehicle, wandering off disappointed and oblivious to the havoc it had wreaked.

Arriving authorities were unable to locate the furry vandal, although his handiwork was everywhere in evidence.

Photos of Fairchild’s car posted on the pizza place’s Facebook page show extensive damage damage to the seats, the upholstery and even the door paneling.

Pizza delivery car- assaulted by black bear.. There was no pizza was inside the vehicle at the time of the incident ???Yo use this content, media outlets must contact

Posted by Juneau Pizza on Friday, August 7, 2020

“It’s pretty totaled on the inside. The seat belt was ripped completely out. The panel where the stereo is [was] ripped off,” Fairchild told the newspaper.

Luckily, the delivery driver said his local auto insurer covers bear incidents and the car is already at a nearby auto repair shop.

Juneau Pizza offered some advice for when the animal is next craving a pie fix.

“No playing favorites,” the pizza place posted. “If the bear wants a pizza, he has to call it in just like everyone else.”

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