Crazy America: local news on a national canvas

In our age of digital and social media, readers of news appear to have more choice than ever before. The sheer proliferation of media outlets is mind boggling.

Yet, in many ways that “choice” is an illusion. The overwhelming majority of news stories are driven by agendas that are beyond the ability of the typical reader to comprehend, or even detect. Real, local news is on its knees, and has been for years.

Political coverage pursues one ideological objective or another; or, frequently, aims to hurt one individual or the other – but all in the guise of objective news gathering that the unsuspecting reader is encouraged to take at face value.

Celebrity, sports and business coverage is arguably worse. These purely commercial interests promote their self-serving narratives through the media, generally with only one fundamental goal: to sell. That could be to sell or create a famous person in entertainment; to sell entertainment itself; or to sell investment and consumer products. All this activity is guided by an army of highly paid PR operatives and abetted by eyeball hungry media outlets. But, again, the average reader is oblivious.

Crazy America is different.

Our mission is to chronicle that which is striking or shocking in everyday interactions, to document the odd but authentic and, in doing that, to capture the essence of the human condition across this country.

What we are about is local news but on a national canvas.  As such, it’s rarely pretty, frequently messy, and sometimes disturbing in the extreme – but it’s always genuine, never manufactured.

That’s why you won’t find the next political sensation or celebrity bombshell on these pages. You’ll find nothing of the world of business and multi-millionaire sportspeople.

Just the real people of this great land. So buckle up and enjoy the ride….

Crazy America Editorial Team, 2019

A window onto the daily madness and mayhem across America

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